Barbies: More than a jingle!

Esquisses du nouvel établissement Barbies de Ste-Foy qui ouvrira ses portes cet automne
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Made famous by the famous jingle “Barbies Resto-Bar grill ….” this Quebec chain established since 1992 is to give itself the means to become an even more important player in the restaurant industry in the province.

Rendering of the new Barbies restaurant to open in Ste-Foy (Québec) in November

Barbies first developed its mission to offer the best value for money, grilled meats and other tasty dishes from fresh produce, served with care and courtesy in a warm and relaxed environment.

Then, they strengthened their position by working with chefs recognized for their “grill-personality” to develop new signature and health recipes, and they also increased the synergy between management and the central kitchen to ensure consistent quality and decrease food costs.

This 12,900 square foot central kitchen brings together under one roof the processing and packaging of products, as well as the stocks of the various food supplies needed for the daily operation of Barbies restaurants. These facilities outperform the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation of the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ)

Their marketing strategy is based on several points, including branding, digital presence, a loyalty program, promotions and contests, and being very active in the community.

With 10 establishments ranging in size from 4500 to 6000 square feet with a terrace and strategically located, the chain will add one in the coming months in Ste-Foy, of which we present rendering to accompany this article.