The power of a meatball…


In the middle of the 19th century, many Germans leave the country for America from the port of Hamburg. Ground beef is the main dish served on the ships of the Hamburg Amerikanische Paketfahrt Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG), the shipping line from Hamburg to the United States (Hamburg America Line). At the time, the meat is salted, mixed with onions and bread crumbs, and sometimes smoked, to be able to be preserved during the long crossing. The hamburger crosses the Atlantic with immigrants. On the port of New York, stalls attract German sailors with the slogan “steak cooked in the style of Hamburg”.

But it’s really in America that the demand for the famous sandwich has grown and become the economic force we know … From 1931, there have been Wimpy’s restaurants who have opened nearly 1500 restaurants but are all closed to the death of their founder according to his last wishes … (The gentleman did not want to leave any trace of his passage on this earth probably !!!)

 But the real explosion of hamburger popularity came with the arrival of the McDonald brothers (1940) and their concept of “self-service” and later by Ray Krock (1951) who acquired the rights to the brand and developed the chain that we know today.

Looking at the chart below, especially sales figures in BILLION US dollars for the only ten largest chains (while there are several hundred) we can really say that the hamburger is the most important meal of the world ….

 A simple meatball between two loaves….Americans eat 50 billion a year (153 burgers per person) and consumption continues to grow .

1McDonald 381435036200
2Burger King 9.9850013000
3Wendy’s 9.560009800
4Sonic Drive In 4.435603500
5DQ Chill and Grill 3.622002200
6Jack in the Box 3.545005600
7Whataburger 3.5900900
8Hardee,s 2.119001900
9Five Guys 1.615001600
10Culver,s 1.5710710