50,000 square feet of flavor!

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By: Gilles Trépanier

Last week, the first Eataly store in Canada opened in Toronto. It is strategically located at the corner of Bay and Bloor, in the Manulife Building. The perfect hybrid between grocery store and restaurant, the Italian company has over 40 branches in major cities around the world including Paris, Rome and New York. And now it will offer its Italian-inspired products to Queen City consumers and visitors.

Taste, Shop and Learn. These three words sum up the spirit of the company. Consumers can enjoy great cuisine in the food court, treat themselves from thousands of grocery options and take one of the many on-site cooking classes offered by the establishment.

Restolutions was one of the guests at last Thursday’s pre-opening event. Here are some pictures with comments to give you an appreciation of the vast location and beautiful merchandising

Can’t make it without the famous Panetone….
Nicolas Dagnino, director Eataly Toronto