2019 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40 Tyler Pitman

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Tyler Pitman, VP portfolio development and brand partnership for HMSHost with whom Restolutions has the chance to work regularly

Tyler Pitman’s drive derives from his love for food and beverage and being around people. He is the vice president of portfolio development and brand partnership for HMSHost where he helps make an oasis in food and beverage at airports across North America.

“When I started my career in airports it was in development and I learned just how different airport space and restaurants are compared to a regular restaurant business,” Pitman said. “Something that I would like to see for the future of airports is larger spaces devoted to food and beverage to create an oasis in airports for better customer satisfaction,” Pitman continued.

With HMSHost Pitman and his team curate airport dining programs that are reflective of the culinary landscape for each city. He helps coordinate the layout and design, menu and the flavors of each HMSHost restaurant. Pitman has led business opportunities, planning new flags for HMSHost at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Austin Berstrom International Airport and LaGurdia Airport as well as the U.S. airport debut of Pret A Manger.

The restaurant business is one of the only things that Pitman has ever known starting his career with renowned chefs including Bobby Flay. He transitioned to the airport environment to help develop sprawling sanctuaries for food and beverage across the world.

Pitman has helped develop a creative new take on the airport dining experience by thinking of airport restaurants as a regular standalone restaurant and how the restaurants want to be perceived and what the people want in that area.

“The best part about my career and role at HMSHost is building relationships, establishing partnerships and crafting programs that help make the airports successful which, in turn, helps make Host successful, creating the best experience possible for all guests” Pitman said.

Tyler Pitman
Vice President, Portfolio Development & Brand Partnerships

Alma Mater: Boston University – B.S. Hospitality Administration, School of Hospitality Administration

Fun fact about yourself: I’m from Bermuda and carry two passports – US & UK.

Favorite aircraft: Usually the one that I’m traveling on any given day/week – if I had to pick, I’d say the Airbus A380.  It’s the most comfortable ride in the sky!

Are you a pilot?: I am not a pilot – my father was in to flight simulators when I was a kid so I spent a lot of time pretending to be, but that’s about as far as I’ve  gone.  I leave that to the professionals!

Someone I look up to in the industry: Restaurant Industry – Jose Andres & Danny Meyer; Aviation Industry – Steve Johnson (President & CEO, HMSHost) and Jeff Yablun (former COO, HMSHost)

My favorite thing about aviation is:  Like the restaurant industry, every day is different – I have the best job in both industries!  To be a part of the change and evolution of food & beverage in Airports, impacting the options that guests and fellow travelers alike have to choose from – all while understanding and introducing different cultures around the globe, it’s special.  To bring travel + F&B together – I’m blessed to do what I do.

If I could change one thing about the aviation industry: The amount of space, available utilities and overall infrastructure in the development and planning of US and Canadian Airports!I think there should be a continued transformation to beautify airports for the traveling public.