How many are going to go back? Nothing to reassure….

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Gilles Trépanier – Restolutions 4 May 2020

The big question that all restaurateurs are asking themselves at the moment is certainly what percentage of their clientele will be there when the establishments are allowed to reopen. It’s hard to predict, but let’s say that the indications from outside are not the most encouraging….

First, an English study concluded that the premature reopening of restaurants would be counterproductive because the costs generated would probably not be covered by the revenues generated. Then, despite the latest data published by Nielsen CGA and compiled using its software to track The American restaurants RestauranTrak, as well as consumer studies, show that trade is beginning to show signs of recovery in America as some states begin to lift their restrictions on containment the forecasts are not very encouraging.

Good clues: (a) the rate of decline has increased from -75%(vs. Covid) to -68% for the week of April 25, a sign that the industry is beginning to adapt to new market conditions. b) an increasing number of sales (up 14) in delivery and at the counter.

However, only 22%of those surveyed said they will return to bars and restaurants as soon as they reopen. 28% said they would consider it as long as the establishment imposed a social distance. 23% stated that they would return once the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 did not increase.

However, once the situation is stabilized, the Nielson study showed that 53% of the consumers surveyed said they planned to eat out as often if not more often than before the Covid-19 pandemic. A little hope here….

Among the main changes that customers want to see implemented (always according to the same study) are: fewer tables and customers (50%), additional hygiene guarantees (49%), continued availability of delivery and counter services (41%) and peronnel carrying protective equipment. (39%)