Countries that Drink the Most Beer

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These countries love their brew the most, with the highest average per-capita consumption of beer.



September 8, 2020

Beer. It’s one of the oldest brews in the world, dating back as far as 13,000 years ago when the semi-nomadic Natufians in Israel tamed wild grains to make ale.

In terms of volume, China has the largest beer market, according to JP Morgan Chase, with 22.4% of what is by some estimates a $500 billion or more global industry. The U.S. accounts for 13%, and Brazil 6.8%.

The U.S. beer industry sells more than $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to U.S. consumers each year, according to the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

This list is based on estimated average annual consumption per person of beer by country, according to Our World in Data, a project of the Global Change Data Lab and University of Oxford, and is sourced from the World Health Organization. We also included beer as a share of total alcohol consumption in each country.

Both are measured in terms of pure alcohol/ethanol intake, rather than the total quantity of the beverage. Beer contains around 5% of pure alcohol per volume, according to Our World in Data, so one liter of beer has 0.05 liters of pure alcohol. This means that 5 liters of pure alcohol equals 100 liters of beer, the basis of our conversion to liters of beer.

These are the countries that drink the most beer.

Alcohol Beer (Litres) Beer (cs 24) Beer % Alcchol
1Republique Tcheque 6,93138,616,953,5
2Pologne 6,4512915,855,1
3Autriche 6,2512515,350,4
4Belgique 6,21124,215,249,2
5Allemagne 5,86124,215,249,2
6Angola 5,48109,613,464,3
7Lithuanie 5,46109,213,346,5
8Panama 5,23104,612,869,2
9Irlande 5,13102,612,548,1
10Venezuela 4,9198,212,075,6
11Brésil 4,6498,212,059,6
12Islande 4,5991,811,261,8
13Afrique du Sud 4,4689,210,948,1
15Bélize 4,3486,810,667,6
16Bulgarie 4,3286,210,539,3
17Croatie 4,2384,610,339,5
18Finlande 4,2284,410,346,1
19Russie 4,1983,810,237,6
20United States 4,1683,210,250,0
21Luxembourg 4,0881,610,036,2
22Saint Kitts & Navis 4,0180,29,844,0
23Australie 4,0180,29,844,0
24Mexico 3,8777,49,575,7
25Canada 3,876,09,351,2
26Trinidad et Tobago 3,7174,29,154,0
28Grenade 3,5972,28,829,3
29Bahamas 3,5370,68,634,0
30Royaume-Uni 3,4869,68,536,9